Three young lions kill buffalo

In our Christmas greetings we told you about a round trip (Mandelas Afrika) we made in October in South Africa starting in Krüger Park. Unfortunately, we got only one day there because our flight experienced a 24 hours delay at the start from Stockholm Arlanda. Yet, what a day!

We went out in the bush by a jeep, and we saw right in the beginning three young lion male doing their morning wash licking themselves. They were in no hurry getting up. We drove further and saw a herd of buffalos, around 10. We also saw some wild dogs hunting antelopes, and a rhinoceros behind a bush, when a call came via the radio: the lions are moving. We drove fast through the jungle and found that the three lions had separated the herd and now they were chasing a single buffalo. The lions were at first afraid of the buffalo horns but after a while of chasing the buffalo seemed more tiered. Finally, one of the lions jumped up on the buffalos back and he fell over. The other lions attacked the buffalo’s head and it did not take long before he was dead. We managed to film the whole chase for 8 minutes to the end. We will make the edited video available on our site The lions got a big meal and afterwards they got a long sleep during the afternoon.

What a day! Our guide told us that it is very unusual that you would see something like this.

We promised that when the video had been edited we would make it available on our home page. Here it is now:

Täby 2017-01-17

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