Gunnar's Antarctic Site


I invite you to download material I have put together from GPS tracking during our Antarctic Expedition. In my computer on board Akademik Vavilov I used OziExplorer, an excellent Australian shareware program. The full version costs 85 USD to register, but you can install the program and use the Trial version for free. In OziExplorer you can load the charts I have assembled over the area and the tracks I have registered with GPS. This is what is available:


You can download OziExplorer from or here


The Acrobat file AntarktisExpedition2007.pdf contains printings from OziExplorer with charts and other information. You need Acrobat Reader version 5 or higher to read it, but you don't need OziExplorer.


If you chose to install OziExplorer you can download containing my charts, tracks and waypoints etc. Extract the files and folders in to some suitable folder in your computer. Read the file ReadMe.doc for more instructions.